At Cerium Technology we choose our investments very carefully, only pursuing the companies that align with our expertise and unique value proposition.  We look for opportunities to build and grow sustainable, successful businesses in our target markets.



Algoriz is a AI-based trading technology company with the mission to close the gap between new technologies and non-technical traders, with AI that turns natural language into trading code. Customers can build, backtest and visualize trading strategies based on traditional and alternative sources of data by simply typing your ideas in English.  www.algoriz.com


Allegro Development

Allegro Development is a leading provider of commodity management software for oil and gas producers, power and gas utilities, petroleum refiners, and traders. With more than 30 years of deep industry expertise, Allegro Development provides real-time intelligence and decision-making capabilities for energy traders.  Allegro Development’s software provides the global intelligence companies need to manage physical and financial positions, and to manage their assets and portfolios using tools that quantify and mitigate risks. Allegro was acquired in 2019.  www.allegrodev.com



CloudSense is the proven Commerce and Subscriber Management platform, built for high-volume or complex ongoing services. We’re trusted by Communications, Media and Utilities businesses worldwide to launch, sell and fulfill the entire customer journey on Salesforce. 

We make commercial success easier. Our customers go to market in a third of the time, sell four times faster, increase sales by 24% and deliver eight times faster, with a 79% improvement in order accuracy.  www.cloudsense.com 



Codestreet develops and markets technology that provides market data management, algorithm testing and quality assurance for financial services customers.  Codestreet Market Data Replay has a worldwide installed-base at top global financial institutions, investment banks, and leading hedge funds. Codestreet was acquired in 2016. www.codestreet.com



Enertiv is an IOT commercial real estate technology company based in New York City which delivers unprecedented visibility and improve cash flows by streamlining maintenance and repairs, utility management, CapEx budgeting and forecasting, vendor & staff management, and the due diligence process.  www.enertiv.com

Finavita Securities

Finavita transforms information into insight for the corporate bond markets, with aggregation of public and proprietary data to deliver viable trading opportunities. Finavita enables broker dealers to see a clear view of market dynamics, share critical information, discover liquidity, and become more productive. Finavita was acquired in 2016.



FixtHub is an enterprise software firm focused on aggregating and providing intelligence on the many disparate sources of information in fixed income markets. Its proprietary SaaS technology addresses the needs of buy side and sell side participants in institutional fixed income markets. www.fixthub.com



Keewi is a provider of a Better Energy Management Solution, connecting building administrators and the building occupants to achieve sustainable energy efficiency goals. www.keewi.com



IMT offers the most complete wafer fabrication services, featuring the largest pure-play MEMS production fab in the United States and most extensive suite of tools of any independent manufacturer to meet our customers' high-volume production requirement and foundry services. www.imtmems.com  



Lendsnap streamlines the mortgage application process, simplifying gathering and sharing of required mortgage documentation between lenders and borrowers. Lendsnap enables a simplified and more secure mortgage, and removes the burden placed on consumers during the application process. By linking to consumer accounts, Lendsnap allows customers to gather employer and financial statements directly from the institutions, enabling a fast and simple integration to current origination procedures. www.lendsnap.com



Terebras Resources is an independent exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional crude oil and natural gas resources.  Primary targets are emerging oil and gas shale plays in the Powder River Basin and Green River Basin of Wyoming, the Uinta Basin of Utah, and Paradox Basin of Colorado.  www.terebras.com



Volatix utilizes cloud connectivity and market-focused designs to transform big data into the actionable intelligence customers need to adapt to the rapidly changing energy landscape.  The company provides web and mobile access to analytics derived from market prices, volatilities, and correlations across millions of data points. Volatix was acquired in 2018.  www.volatix.com

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