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About Cerium


Cerium (Ce) is a chemical element that is part of the lanthanide group, commonly known as “rare earth elements”. It is found only in small amounts, generally less than fifty parts per million in the earth. Yet it has extraordinary properties as a ductile, malleable, highly electropositive, and very pyrophoric element – it is the only element besides iron that sparks when struck. Cerium has a wide range of applications across industries as diverse as petrochemicals, optical instruments, automobiles, radiography, magnets, and motion picture lighting.


Cerium Technology Ventures draws inspiration from this distinctive and rare element and seeks to make investments specifically in unique companies with extraordinary technologies and foster the development of significant commercial success.

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Cerium Technology Ventures is part of the Cerium Investment Group, a privately owned set of investment companies.  Each of these companies seeks unique investment opportunities, and employs quantitative analysis to drive superior returns.​​


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