Brand Strategy

Successful companies establish a clear market identity, based on comprehensive assessment of market dynamics, value proposition, and competitive differentiation.  Cerium provides resources for market research, customer value assessment, and market positioning.

Market Scalability

Conversion of sales opportunities to profitable customers can be riddled with inconsistency for technology companies.  Cerium supports sales leaders with scalable procedures for sales team organization, compensation, forecasting, negotiation and closing.

Human Resources

Growth requires a strong and deep team of talented employees.   Cerium provides guidance on building a comprehensive program of effective recruiting, onboarding, education, performance review and retention.

Legal Foundation

Every relationship needs a solid legal agreement.  Cerium assists with appropriate contractual arrangements with customers, suppliers, employees, lenders, and shareholders.

Product Management

Many critical decisions involve the definition, pricing, and packaging of technology products.  Cerium offers a proven product management program to systemically increase total addressable market, demand generation rate, average contract value and opportunity win rate.

Digital Marketing

Sustained revenue growth demands a consistent stream of well-qualified sales opportunities.  Cerium understands best practices for establishment of digital presence, inbound/outbound demand generation, marketing analytics and rich content management.

Financial Planning

Proper financial planning is crucial to the success of any investment. Cerium provides sound financial planning and guidance to ensure the scale and growth of every investment.

Performance Metrics

As companies grow, it becomes essential to measure actual performance against plan.  Cerium offers guidelines for diagnostic and predictive analytics to manage performance.

High growth technology companies often have most, but not all, of the skill and capabilities necessary to execute their strategic vision.  Cerium complements management teams by providing access to deep experience and capabilities, with resources for important operational and financial needs. 

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