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Cerium Technology uses a unique and scalable process to find and evaluate opportunities for investment, design and execute investment transactions, create value with sound strategic and tactical direction, and generate extraordinary returns.


Our process focuses on exceptional companies that have great people, great products, and a great value proposition in markets with attractive dynamics. This approach aligns the interests of shareholders, board of directors and management teams to achieve success.

Management Resources


A central thesis of Cerium investment strategy is to provide resources to management teams to make strategic business decisions that create value for all shareholders. 

Frequently, our portfolio companies need to augment the experience and capability of management teams with external resources.  We offer the experience of high growth technology management practices that have resulted in significant increases in revenue, earnings, and equity valuation.

Management Resources

Risk Management


The success of portfolio companies is often dependent on managing risks inherent in a high growth technology environment.  Cerium has the experience to assist management teams circumvent or mitigate important business risks.

Risk Management

Market Risk


Is the value proposition of the product compelling for the target market?  Is the market position sustainable and defensible?

Technology Risk


Does the company have to develop a new technology that may not be feasible, or may take much longer than expected? Will the necessary advanced technology of the product scale to meet growth requirements?

Execution Risk


Does the team have the right skills and passion to reach their goals? Are they able to recruit others to complement their skills?  Does the team have a clear and accurate self-evaluation of the company?

Liquidity Risk


How much cash does the company require to achieve its goals? Is the financing risk manageable given the current environment and company trajectory?

Capitalization Risk


Does the cap table allow investment necessary to grow while still ensuring employees and executives are well compensated?

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