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We invest more than money. We create partnerships that  result in industry-leading companies and high-value returns.

Cerium Technology Ventures is more than venture capital. We seek out new technology companies to invest in collaboratively, create innovation and grow value exponentially over time.


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Revolutionary MEMs Production

IMT leverages its experience in MEMS design, development and manufacturing to avoid the failures and multiple iterations that lead to increased costs and delays. We’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to, and through this willingness to fail – and an even greater resolve to succeed – we have gained a global reputation for solving the unsolvable.

Name, Title



Enertiv is a real estate technology company based in New York City. We deliver unprecedented visibility and improve cash flows by streamlining maintenance and repairs, utility management, CapEx budgeting and forecasting, vendor & staff management, and the due diligence process. 



At Cerium Technology we choose our investments very carefully, only pursuing the companies that align with our expertise and unique value proposition.  We look for opportunities to build and grow sustainable, successful businesses in our target markets

Targeting Tech: Who We Invest In

building success

Cerium Technology is a venture capital firm focused on transforming great concepts into successful enterprises.

extraordinary value

We invest in technologies that create extraordinary value by leveraging technology in the energy and capital markets sectors.

growing ideas

We integrate these technologies with pragmatic management principles to create, transform and grow great ideas.

strategic investment

We seek to make strategic investments that will take several years to create tremendous value appreciation.

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Building Value Over Time

Cerium Technology is more than just a venture capital company. We have the knowledge, experience, and capital to develop the ideas that will transform our focus industry sectors. Having these types of assets allows Cerium to effectively convert raw ideas into enterprises, guiding them from concept and design, to revenue and profitability.

Our long-term focus is predicated on the belief that decision making focused on short-term outcomes often comes at the expense of long-term value creation. Having a patient and interested shareholder allows management to make the right decisions for the business.

Collaborative Investment

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