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Volatix Acquired by Allegro Development

April 3, 2018 | Dallas, TX

Volatix, a market analytics company based in Dallas, TX, which received investment from Cerium Technology Ventures in 2014, has been acquired by Allegro Development.

About Volatix

Volatix utilizes cloud connectivity and market-focused designs to transform big data into the actionable intelligence customers need to adapt to the rapidly changing energy landscape. The company provides web and mobile access to analytics derived from market prices, volatilities, and correlations across millions of data points.

About Allegro

Allegro Development Corp. is a global leader in commodity trading and risk management software for power and gas utilities, crude oil refiners, chemical manufacturers, oil and gas producers, agriculture companies, traders and commodity consumers. Allegro’s software is built to provide users with position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls and regulatory compliance.

With more than three decades of industry experience, starting with the company’s founding in 1984, Allegro’s enterprise platform drives profitability and efficiency across front, middle and back offices, while managing the complex logistics associated with physical commodities.

Source: Cerium Technology Ventures, LLC

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